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The following safety statement is a requirement of the CAA and is included in the operations manual for the Company.

The director(s) of Aerial-PhotoCo Ltd recognise the importance of effective safety management to ensure that customers, staff, and all others affected by Aerial-PhotoCo Ltd’s activities are not exposed to unacceptable risks. Aerial-PhotoCo Ltd’s aim is to minimise risks in all its activities to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Safety is a core value integrated into every activity carried out in the Company and Aerial-PhotoCo Ltd is committed to continually develop and improve its safety processes. Aerial-PhotoCo Ltd adopts a just culture policy where accidents and incidents are openly reported and lessons learned in an atmosphere of trust. By such means preventative actions may be developed and overall safety enhanced. Incidents and accidents will be reported in the first instance by Email to the Accountable Manager or a self-addressed Email by the Accountable Manager.

The Accountable Manager will be responsible for establishing whether further action is required to enhance safety (changes to procedures, forms, training etc) and whether the CAA should be informed under the MOR scheme. (see CAP 382). The Pilot is responsible for the safe operation of the Aircraft whilst it is in flight.